We help Overwhelmed Managers become World-Class Leaders.

We help Overwhelmed Managers become World-Class Leaders.

How we help you

With Engaging Trainings, Peer Accountability, and Skill-Building Resources.

And more! Our comprehensive methods can be used together or separately to help YOU become the World-Class Manager your team needs (or for HR, tools for all of your managers).

Why we can help you

Because we get it.

We use our experience helping managers and employees tackle challenges confidently to create lasting changes for you… and your organization.

I’m Ashley Herd, founder of Manager Method®. I worked as a lawyer in BigLaw (Ogletree Deakins), and some of the world’s top companies (including McKinsey and Yum! Brands). I’ve also served as General Counsel and Head of HR for the nation’s largest luxury media company (Modern Luxury). I’m a LinkedIn Learning Instructor on management topics, and have been named a Top 3 #HRTikTok account by the Financial Times — providing a skill set to benefit you.


We bring this experience — along with a common-sense approach — where we “talk like humans” instead of spouting legalese, to make your life easier, with lasting improvements.


Why does the Manager Method® work? We meet you where your needs are. For managers, this includes training from Manager 101 basics to specific situations. For employees, this includes coaching to drive productive conversations and career moves. For organizations, it includes making your required training something your managers and employees actually pay attention to — and other real-world tools.

Our Values

We Are More Than a Business.

At Manager Method®, we pride ourselves on our core values. We value the organizations (and the people that make them up) in our community.

Your time is precious (and we treat it like so)

Communication is courage

Diversity is non-negotiable

Respect and Dignity for all

Your contributions make a difference

We value your time.

You have a full plate at work (and in every other aspect of life). We know you want to do your best and have the right outcomes. Our bite-size trainings save you time in your employment needs — so that you can have a well-oiled machine and focus on what drives you.

We value leveraging the power of each individual's contributions.

Every person in your organization matters. We provide coaching, training, and tools aimed at all levels of organizations — from individual contributors to executives. We want to help you bring out the best in each member of your team.

We value diversity.

We want to help create workplaces where individuals are treated the same — regardless of their gender, race, sexual identity, age, family status, position, and any other characteristic. We believe that everyone in the company should be treated with the same respect. So we’ve created standardized trainings and tools to help your teams “sing from the same songbook.”

We value courage in communication.

So much goodness in the workplace comes from employees feeling empowered to speak up and provide ideas and information. On the other hand, so much conflict comes from employees biting their tongues because “it’s how it’s always been done.” We help companies think differently and challenge assumptions to have lasting improvements.

We value treating employees as humans.

From the language we use in our templates and talking points to the trainings we conduct — we identify words and phrases that can help your managers treat their employees like humans. Whether an employee succeeds at your organization, or if it’s not a fit, we believe that your employees are each walking billboards for your company. We aim to help those “billboards” send messages that you would want broadcasted to your customers, employees, applicants, partners, and communities.

We support creative people and small businesses! 

Photography by: Katya Vilchyk and Lola Scott